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Leishmania Lab

Introduction of group leader

Joo Hwan No, Ph.D.
Doctorate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (2011)
Post-Doctorate: Institut Pasteur Korea (2011-2013)
Head, Leishmania Research Laboratory, Institut Pasteur Korea (2013-present)

Office phone: +82-31-8018-8210
Email: joohwan.no at ip-korea.org
Office location: R4.07

Research Interests

The Leishmania Research Laboratory focuses on discovery of novel inhibitors and drug targets against Leishmania infections. The research activities are focused on two key areas: 1) discovery of novel lead compounds in collaboration with screening and chemistry platforms offered at IPK, and 2) understanding the fundamental biology of Leishmania with a special emphasis on the host – Leishmania interaction. At the interface of these two approaches, we ultimately aim to understand the underlying mechanism of parasite pathogenesis as well as to deliver novel therapeutic interventions for Leishmania infections.

Based on our expertise of molecular parasitology, biochemistry and biophysics, we will approach the target system from the parasite or organelle level, as well as the atomic or molecular level.

Our present activity focuses on:

• Identifying hit compounds using intracellular Leishmania high contents/high throughput screening methods
• Hit to lead optimization of identified anti-leishmanial compounds
• Mode of action studies on generated lead compounds
• In-depth understanding of host-Leishmania interactions through cell-based screening and molecular parasitology approaches

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