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Excler JL, Delvecchio CJ, Wiley RE, Williams M, Yoon IK, Modjarrad K, Boujelal M, Moorthy VS, Hersi AS, Kim JH; MERS-CoV Vaccine Working Group. (2016) Toward Developing a Preventive MERS-CoV Vaccine-Report from a Workshop Organized by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health and the International Vaccine Institute, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 14-15, 2015. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 22(8): e1-e7. PMID: 27439020, PMCID: PMC4982192

Kim SH, Sung M, Min JY. (2016) Reply to Kerhhove et al and Oh. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 15;63(8):1143-4. PMID: 27432837

Kim SH, Chang SY, Sung M, Park JH, Bin Kim H, Lee H, Choi JP, Choi WS, Min JY. (2016) Extensive Viable Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Coronavirus Contamination in Air and Surrounding Environment in MERS Isolation Wards. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 63(3):363-9. PMID: 27090992

Chang SY, Park JH, Kim YH, Kang JS, Min JY. (2016) A natural component from Euphorbia humifusa Willd displays novel, broad-spectrum anti-influenza activity by blocking nuclear export of viral ribonucleoprotein. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 471(2):282-9. PMID: 26850850

Shukla N, Somwar R, Smith RS, Ambati S, Munoz S, Merchant M, D`Arcy P, Wang X, Kobos R, Antczak C, Bhinder B, Shum D, Radu C, Yang G, Taylor BS, Ng CK, Weigelt B, Khodos I, de Stanchina E, Reis-Filho JS, Ouerfelli O, Linder S, Djaballah H, Ladanyi M (2016) Proteasome Addiction Defined in Ewing Sarcoma Is Effectively Targeted by a Novel Class of 19S Proteasome Inhibitors Cancer Res 76(15):4525-34 PMID: 27256563