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Event & Pasteur Colloquium

[2019 Pasteur Colloquium] Prof. Neil Carragher, University of Edinburgh (UK)
October 08, 2019


IPK Pasteur Colloquium

Date    :   Fri. Oct. 11, 2019 at 11:00am  
Venue :   Monod Room (1F), Institut Pasteur Korea


  Neil Carragher, Ph.D.
  Professor, Drug Discovery, The University of Edinburgh, UK

Advances in Phenotypic Screening: Accelerating the Discovery of New Chemical Entities and Drug Combinations towards in vivo proof-of-concept

Recent advances in high-content imaging, CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing, induced pluripotent stem cell technologies and high throughput genomic and proteomic capabilities are converging to stimulate the new discipline of Phenomics Drug Discovery. I will describe how Phenomics Drug Discovery incorporates state-of-the-art imaging, genomics, proteomics and informatics tools to provide important functional context and foundations for emerging Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions which support the identification of novel drug mechanisms-of-action, drug combinations, biomarkers and novel chemical design across disease areas. As specific exemplar studies I will present our recent examples of the application of machine learning and deep learning approaches for classification of drug mechanism of action across genetically distinct cancer cell lines representing different clinical subtypes. I also highlight how our Phenomics Drug Discovery platform has enabled the rapid discovery of a novel orally-available kinase inhibitor and novel drug combinations which display potent anti-tumour activity across 2D, 3D and in vivo models.
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