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Animal Facility & Lab Support

Introduction of group leader

Regis Grailhe, Ph.D.
Doctorate: University Louis Pasteur, France (1997)
Post-Doctorate: Institut Pasteur, France (1998-2003)
Head, Neurodegeneration and Applied Microscopy Group, Institut Pasteur Korea (2004-2013)
Head, Technology Development Platform, Institut Pasteur Korea (2014-present)

Office phone: +82-31-8018-8260
Office location: R3.13

Research Interests

ALS team is supporting two main R&D activities.

(1) Lab Support assisting R&D investigators in their daily activities.
• Maintenance, service, calibration, and repair of common laboratory equipment and High Throughput Screening (HTS) platforms in collaboration with manufacturers.
• Development of research tools and accessories using digital design, 3-D printers, laser cutting technologies.
• Training events arranged with the equipment manufacturers.
• Research activity support for plastic/glassware cleaning, sanitation, autoclaving and media preparation.

(2) Animal Facility responsible for conducting in vivo experimental procedures, as well as ensuring welfare and housing research animals (AAALAC International standards).
• Establishing and studying infectious or chronic disease animal models. Over 550 m2 (5,920 ft2) of specific pathogen free (SPF) zone and animal biosafety level-2, 3 zones.
• Generation of genetically engineered mice (GEM).
• In vivo drug efficacy/ toxicity study.