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Viral Immunology Lab

Introduction of group leader

Euiho Kim, Ph.D.
Doctorate: University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014)
Post-Doctorate: Emory University (2014-2017)
(PI: Bali Pulendran)
Research Fellow at NIEHS/NIH (2018)
CTO at NA Vaccine Institute (2019)
Head, Viral Immunology Lab, Institut Pasteur Korea (2020-Present)

Office phone: +82-31-8018-8350
Office location: R4.31

Research Interests

The research objectives of Viral Immunology Laboratory is to discover preventive and therapeutic strategies to pathogenic infections by understanding immune responses and immunopathology triggered by them. Particularly, we are focusing on innate and adaptive immunity to viruses such as influenza viruses that have been steadily intimidating human race for centuries, and newly emerging corona viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) which resulted in a global pandemic as well as MERS-CoV.

In addition, our lab is also interested in revealing underlying mechanisms of immune-suppression and immune exhaustion induced by chronic viral infections. Since the immune exhaustion is also frequently elicited by cancers as an immune evasion method, we would like to ultimately find immunological intervention strategies to treat chronic viral infections and cancers.

Our research interests can be summarized as follows:
 - Study on in vivo immune responses and immunopathology triggered by influenza and corona viruses
 - Investigation of underlying mechanisms of immuno-suppression and immune exhaustion induced by
   chronic viral infections and cancers
 - Identification of novel immune-regulatory molecules using an innovative cell-based high
   throughput screening system


Recent Publications

Kim EH, Woodruff MC, Grigoryan L, Maier B, Lee SH, Mandal P, Cortese M, Natrajan MS, Ravindran R, Ma H, Merad M, Mocarski E, Jacob J and Pulendran B “Squalene-based adjuvants stimulate CD8 T cell, but not antibody responses, through a RIPK3-dependent pathway" eLife. 2020; 9:e52687

Kim EH, Wong SW and Martinez J “Programmed necrosis and disease: We interrupt your regular programming to bring you necroinflammation” Cell Death & Differentiation. 2018; 26(1):25-40

Woodruff MC, Kim EH, Wei L and Pulendran B “B cell competition for restricted T cell help suppresses rare-epitope response” Cell Reports. 2018; 25:321-327

Kim EH, Gasper DJ, Lee SH, Plisch EH, Svaren JP and Suresh M “Bach2 regulates homeostasis of foxp3+ regulatory T cells and protects against fatal lung disease in mice” J. Immunol. 2014; 192:985-995

Kim EH, Sullivan JA, Plisch EH, Tejera MM, Jatzek A, Choi KY and Suresh M “Signal integration by Akt regulates CD8 T-cell effector and memory differentiation in mice” J. Immunol. 2012; 188:4305-14