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Animal Laboratory

435m2 spaces under AHU unit with pre & medium filters, activated carbon filters and HEPA filters allowing fresh air supply and 100% exhaust air

Cooling and heating system

Double door autoclave steam sterilizer and cage washer available for decontaminating wastes

Exquisitely controlled environment for the care and management of experimental animals under constant, 24-hour ambient conditions with HEPA-filtered air, 22 ± 2°C temperature and 50 ± 10% humidity

Composed of Specific Pathogen-free laboratory (SPF), animal biosafety level 2 laboratory (ABSL-2) and animal biosafety level 3 laboratory (ABSL-3) with individual ventilation system for each cage

2 Biosafety cabinets

Current animals in care: mouse and rat

  • Animal Lab
  • Animal Cages
  • Cage Washer & Autoclave