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Antibacterial Resistance Research Laboratory

Pseudomonas aeruginosa assay in optimized Artificial Sputum Media (ASM)
[Code No: IPK0401]

This is the first assay of microbiofilm formation under physiological culture conditions of the human airways lining fluid developed for high-content drug screening. The assay is capable of detecting not only bacterial growth but also mucin reorganization and microbiofilm formation that can only be followed by microscopy, which makes our high-content screening platform extremely well adapted for this approach. This assay also runs with MDR strains.

Co-culture pneumocytes with Pseudomonas aeruginosa [Code No: IPK0402]

This assay is used to select non-cytotoxic small molecules that protect human pneumocytes from P.aeruginosa-induced cell death. In addition, the assay allows for the selection of unconventional compounds that inhibit virulence factors of the bacteria without killing it. This assay is performed in 384-well plate format with advantages of observing the cytotoxicity and efficacy of multiple compounds at a time.