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Assays & Technologies

Image Processing Platform

Algorithm development for analyzing image data [Code No: IPK0701]

This covers processing and quantification of the HCS imaging by extracting diverse project-dependent information, such as cell count, infection ratio, parasite detection, cell morphology properties and other features. The information can be extracted for different types of assays, including end-point, kinetic (time-lapse) and 3D.

Development of the data analysis algorithms [Code No: IPK0702]

This entails processing and analysis of the information extracted from images for characterization of biological processes and properties of compounds and gene knock-down effects. The analysis takes into account metadata (plate layout, concentrations of compounds), and includes hit detection, DRC fitting, statistical data analysis, clustering, analysis of the cellular subpopulations, and analysis of the morphological response.

Development of the customized software modules for biological image and data analysis and data mining [Code No: IPK0703]

At the institute, we have a large software library with high-performance capabilities for reading and visualization of biological images in several formats, image processing, data analysis, and visualization of the processing results. The library is constantly growing. Based on this we can create client-specified software modules for processing of biological images and data.