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Assays & Technologies

Automation & Logistics Management

Cell-based assay high-throughput screening for chronic/infectious disease using adapted biosafety facility [Code No: IPK1001]

We perform automated high-throughput screening and high-content screening using a multimode plate reader or automated confocal microscope in biosafety facilities up to level three. Screening libraries are arrayed in 384-well microtiter plates.

HTS chemical screening [Code No: IPK1002]

The Institut Pasteur Korea’s chemical library consists of approximately 180,000 diverse molecules including synthetic compounds and natural products. The collection of synthetic chemicals was assembled with the help of our internal MedChem group, as well as established strategic vendors, some of the compounds were filtered according to the Lipinski rules. These suppliers include: Asinex, ChemBridge, ChemDiv, Enamine, MicroSource, NIH Diversity Set, Prestwick, Tocris, SelleckChem, and SigmaAldrich, as well as other external suppliers.

HTS RNAi screening [Code No: IPK1003]

The RNAi libraries at Institut Pasteur Korea consist of pooled and single siRNAs options, as well as a shRNA library available for screening.

Dharmacon ON-TARGETplus SMART pool siRNA Library, which targets 18,000 human genes with 4 siRNAs per gene.

Life Technologies Silencer Select Library, targeting 22,000 human genes with a coverage of about 3 siRNA duplexes per gene, which is modified to help attenuate off-target effects.

Sigma-Aldrich Mission shRNA Library, covering about 16,000 genes with an average coverage of 5 shRNA hairpins per gene.