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Genome wide visual identification of human co-factors of HIV-1 infection

Intellectual Property
Europe Patent Issued: 2307568

Lead Inventor
Neil Emans, Marc Windisch

Stage of Development
Ready to Use

Summary of Invention

The invention relates to the identification of human host factors involved in the early stage of HIV infection. Furthermore, it relates to the use of the identified genes for the elucidation of the mechanism of HIV-infection, as drug targets, and for identifying a compound useful in the treatment of HIV

Market Opportunity

A majority of chronic diseases and infection manifest at the integrated level of the cell. Examining disease progression by live cell imaging allows for a high degree of resolution, with the visualization of molecular disease mechanisms and their response to genetic changes. While this type of approach has been very successful in individual experiments, it has remained largely refractory to systematic, genome wide analyses.

Patent Information

The applications for this invention went national phase of international application PCT/EP2009/004604 and filed in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, and Australia; which claims the benefit of US provisional application no 61/133,027. The Europe patent application was issued on April 9, 2014.