Institut Pasteur Korea Institut Pasteur Korea held a University of Science and Technology campus tour

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Institut Pasteur Korea held a University of Science and Technology campus tour
November 05, 2021

Institut Pasteur Korea held a University of Science and
Technology campus tour 

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) held a campus tour for undergraduate students considering entering the Master’s or Doctoral program in bio-medical convergence at University of Science and Technology (UST). Around 20 students participated in the campus tour, which took place on October 15 and 22, and had the opportunity to meet with senior scientists and tour the advanced research facilities at IPK. 

First, Dr. Youngmee Jee, the representative professor of the UST-IPK campus, warmly welcomed the students to the institute and praised their endeavors in discovering the path to becoming future scientists, demonstrated by their visit to an international institute contributing to global public health. 

Dr. Sangchul Lee, Head of the Strategic Planning Team, introduced IPK’s major activities and achievements, pointing out how the UST-IPK campus is special due to its interaction with the Pasteur Network located in 25 countries around the world, along with opportunities for collaboration with multinational researchers in the campus. He also highlighted IPK’s basic and translational research for drug development, as well as its outstanding expertise in infectious disease research. 

Furthermore, UST-IPK campus faculty members Prof. Marc Windisch (Head of Applied Molecular Virology Lab), Prof. Regis Grailhe (Head of Technology Development Platform), Prof. Haengran Seo (Head of Advanced Biomedical Research Lab), and Dr. Euiho Kim (Head of Viral Immunology Lab) presented their areas of research and current work of their teams. 

Afterwards, the students visited each of the laboratories led by the faculty members and explored the institute’s R&D infrastructure. In particular, current UST-IPK campus student guided the tour and shared her experiences as a senior graduate student, encouraging the students on their journey to achieve their goals. Throughout the tour, students witnessed various research scenes and freely inquired the professors about specific laboratory procedures and topics of research. 

Institut Pasteur Korea was designated as a UST campus in 2014 for the first time as a private research institution and is currently operating a master’s and doctoral program in bio-medical convergence major. 
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