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Community Engagement

In the spirit of transparency and increasing awareness of Institut Pasteur Korea, our mission, and the current threat of global infectious diseases, IPK regularly opens its doors to the community and provides tours of the facility, lectures, and Q&A sessions with scientists. Throughout the year, IPK also holds seminars and invites the general public to attend. IPK also hosts events that gather local and national thought leaders, like the 2015 IPK x CICI gala.

In addition to inviting groups to visit Institut Pasteur Korea's facility, we operate a science booth at festivals. The interactive, experiment-based science booth walks visitors through the process of how we fight infectious diseases, discover new drugs and all our research programs.

Since 2010, nearly 13,000 people have visited our booth. And in 2011, our booth was recognized as one of the most popular booths among 80 organizations that participated in the Gyeonggi Science Festival.

All interested parties can request a tour of IPK and meet with our scientists any time of the year. For more information on touring IPK and the Science Booth, please contact External Relations (external_relations@ip-korea.org).