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Continuing Education and Training

Institut Pasteur Korea provides specialized hands-on experiences and advanced training opportunities to set up young scientists for success as they pursue professional occupations in research environments.

Summer/Winter Regular Internship (Domestic Undergraduate Program)

An eight-week program held during summer/winter breaks. Students work directly with researchers to learn the roles and responsibilities of the profession and gain practical work experience in a relevant field at Institut Pasteur Korea. Under the guidance of their mentors, students are treated as functioning members of the team and assist on ongoing research projects.

Since the program’s inception in 2009, 100 undergraduate students from various universities in Korea have benefited from an internship at IPK.

Students interested in the Summer/Winter Regular Internship Program, please contact HR (recruit@ip-korea.org).

Mr. Dong-il Kim
Director of Internship Program, Teaching Affairs Office
Hanyang University, ERICA Campus

“It is critical outstanding organizations like IPK participate in nurturing future talent with practical capabilities. As the internship program continues to evolve and improve, I am certain it will become one of the finest programs in fostering high-quality talent.”

Sohee Kwon
Hanyang University, ERICA Campus
Major: Bio Nano Engineering
2015 Summer Intern

“What I liked most about the internship was the one on one personalized attention, direction and mentorship from my supervisor. Despite his busy work schedule, my supervisor made time to provide instruction and support.”

Young Pyo Ryu
Dongguk University
Major: Mathematics
2015 Summer Intern

“I was exposed to new technology and learned how to operate scientific equipment. This piqued my interest in computer science. I would like to learn more about technology and how it is applied.”

Irregular Internship (Domestic and International Graduate Program)

The Irregular Internship Program is a unique opportunity for domestic and international graduate students to gain long-term work experience as a temporary Institut Pasteur Korea team member. Interns contribute to IPK’s infectious disease-focused research, drug discovery efforts and gain special training at an advanced research institution.

Students interested in the Irregular Internship Program, please contact Human Resources (recruit@ip-korea.org).

Christina Ramirez
Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey
PhD Candidate in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
2015 Irregular Intern

“My most valuable experience at IPK was interacting with so many intelligent and genuine people. Not only within my laboratory but also many members in neighboring laboratories.”

Marie Brosset
Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse
Major: Second Year, Vet Student
2015 Irregular Intern

“During the internship I improved my experience in molecular biology, and I liked it. My supervisor was very patient and explained me very well when I did understand. She has been an excellent supervisor for me.”

University of Science and Technology (UST) – Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) Campus

In 2014, Institut Pasteur Korea became the first non-profit research organization to be a member campus of University of Science and Technology (UST), a government supported graduate school focused on fostering development of prospective researchers in the fields of science and technology.

In keeping with Louis Pasteur’s legacy of providing continued scientific education and IPK’s commitment to advancing the R&D culture of Korea, the UST program offers a Ph.D. course for 2 students to participate in ongoing infectious disease research and drug discovery projects in a R&D environment.

For more information, please contact HR (recruit@ip-korea.org).

In collaboration with Yonsei University, Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) launched a new graduate program, in 2019, focusing on "Infectious Diseases". A graduate student will carry out his/her graduate thesis work in one of research laboratories at IPK under the supervision of one of Principle Investigators of his/her choice, while all academic activities such as admission and courses are conducted under the supervision of Professor of Yonsei University

For more information, please contact the Strategic Planning Team at SPT-TEAM@ip-korea.org

High Content Screening

The High Content Screening (HCS) training course is a research technical education program that focuses on the fields of chemical biology and functional genomics. Through the course of the program, researchers are taught fundamental principles through to application. Examples of the course work include: developing cell-based assays, grafting automated microscopy, and analyzing large RNAi screening data sets with relevance in target discovery and cellular pathways.

The HCS program is open to domestic and foreign applicants. For more information, please contact External Relations (external_relations@ip-korea.org).

Thierry Rose
Title: Assistant Professor
Institut Pasteur

“I really encourage PI to attend this course before they write down a screening project in order to save time and disillusions and focus on winning paths and decisive choices: relevant cells and reads out are critical.”

Sohee Lee
Title: Researcher
Samsung Genomic Institute

“In contrast to general education programs that are hard to conduct as both seminar and practice, it was great that both seminar and practice were well composed. In particular, an intelligible explanation made me have more interest in the fundamental concepts of a data network.”