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CEO Message

Message from Dr. Wang-Shick Ryu

Dr. Wang-Shick Ryu, CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea

Welcome to Institut Pasteur Korea.

My name is Dr. Wang-Shick Ryu, CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK).

Since its foundation in 2004, IPK has distinguished itself as ‘global research institute’ contributing to the eradication of infectious diseases and ‘translation research institute’ capitalizing on basic research for drug discovery.

As a member of the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN), IPK investigates newly emerging infectious diseases like Avian Influenza (AI), Zika virus, and MERS virus. Additionally, IPK investigates endemic infectious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis B virus, and super bacteria, which represent unmet medical needs.

Importantly, IPK has established a cutting edge drug discovery screening platform, by converging IT and BT technologies. Using this platform, IPK has discovered a number of potential first-in-class drug candidates, including ‘Q203’, which is now on clinical development phase.

As we look ahead, we see IPK leveraging the success of its well-established screening platform for drug discovery, and embracing the resources and technologies available through Institut Pasteur in addressing global issues like new emerging virus outbreaks.

IPK will continue to strengthen its role as a leading ‘translational research’ institute in Korea, by streamlining basic science to drug discovery. For that, IPK will employ the ‘Open Innovation’ strategy to embrace international as well as domestic researchers for collaboration.

Last, but not least, your gracious supports are essential for successful accomplishment of our mission. I would like close my welcome message by sharing Louis Pasteur’s quote, “Chance favors only the prepared mind”.