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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Education 1984-1989 PhD, Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
1978-1980 MSc, KAIST, Republic of Korea
1974-1978 BSc, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Career 2017-present Chief Executive Officer & Director, Institut Pasteur Korea, Republic of Korea
2005-2017 Professor, Biochemistry Department, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
1997-2004 Associate Professor, Biochemistry Department, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Education 1989-1992 PhD, Biochemistry, Bristol University, United Kingdom
1988-1989 MSc, Biochemistry, Bristol University, United Kingdom
1984-1987 BSc, Biochemistry, Kent University, United Kingdom
Career 2018-present Chief Scientific Officer, Institut Pasteur Korea, Republic of Korea
2005-2017 Director & Executive Engineer, IMAGOPOLE, France
2001-2017 Professor & Group Leader, Plateforme d’Imagerie Dynamique, France
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Board of Directors
Yong-Kyung CHOE - Chairman
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Rep. of Korea
Man-Seong PARK
Korea University, Rep. of Korea
Hyuk LEE
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT), Rep. of Korea
Seo Gon KOH
Ministry of Science and ICT, Rep. of Korea
Who-Seok OH
Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Rep. of Korea
Stewart COLE
Institut Pasteur, France
Pierre-Marie GIRARD
Institut Pasteur, France
Wang Shick RYU
Institut Pasteur Korea, Rep. of Korea
Spencer L. SHORTE
Institut Pasteur Korea, Rep. of Korea
Hong Kong Univsity-Pasteur Research Pole, Hong Kong, China
Jae Suk NOH - Auditor
Kongju National University, Rep. of Korea
Scientific Advisory Committee
Alex Matter - Chairman
Experimental Therapeutic Center, Singapore
Sung Key Jang
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Rep. of Korea
Ho Jeong Kwon
Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Shahragim Tajbakhsh
Institut Pasteur, France
Ari Helenius
ETH Zurich, Swiss
Moon-Ho SON
Daegu-Kyoungbuk Medical Innovation Foundation Rep. of Korea
Kwang-Hyub HAN
Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Seonggu RO
PiMedBio Inc., Rep. of Korea
Youngmee JEE
Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Rep. of Korea
Andrew David MILLER
Veterinary Research Institute, Czech Republic
Seung Bum PARK
Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Hee Young Shin
Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Administration contact information
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Department Name Person in charge of Office number (Ext.)
Admin. DivisionByungkwon Lim
(Division Head)
Management of Administration Division031-8018-8005 (8005)
Strategic PlanningSangchul Lee
(Team Head)
Management of Strategic Planning031-8018-8184 (8184)
Strategic PlanningHyunhee KangBoard of Directors, Scientific Advisory Committee, Management and Planning Support031-8018-8045 (8045)
Strategic PlanningSukyon YangIPK Seminar, International symposium, External Relations031-8018-8042 (8042)
Strategic PlanningJieun KimPublic relations, Bio core facility project031-8018-8041 (8041)
Strategic PlanningHwapyung KimIntellectual property right, Agreements, Patents, Research cooperation031-8018-8031 (8031)
Strategic PlanningEunjung EomR&D project management, Research agreement031-8018-8047 (8047)
Strategic PlanningSuhyun ParkR&D project management, R&D budget settlement031-8018-8076 (8076)
General Affairs &
Jaeho Youn
(Team Head)
Management of General Affairs & HR031-8018-8062 (8062)
General Affairs &
Seungsup LeeAssist CEO and CSO031-8018-8085 (8085)
General Affairs &
Shinhye KimHR operation, General affairs, UST Academic program031-8018-8063 (8063)
General Affairs &
 HR operation, General affairs, Welfare benefit031-8018-8061 (8061)
Finance & PurchaseJeongKeun Park
(Team Head)
Management of Finance & Purchase031-8018-8080 (8080)
Finance & PurchaseHyeonju MoonExecution, Treasury, Tax, Donation031-8018-8072 (8072)
Finance & PurchaseJin LeePurchase order, Payment, Research equipment management031-8018-8082 (8082)
Finance & PurchaseSeungyeon ChoiClosing management, Tax invoice 031-8018-8074 (8074)
IT·Facility & SafetyJaeho Youn
(Team Head)
Management of IT·Facility & Safety policy031-8018-8062 (8062)
IT·Facility & SafetyByungcho LeeIT and system management031-8018-8130 (8130)
IT·Facility & SafetySunghwan JungHomepage and groupware development031-8018-8133 (8133)
IT·Facility & SafetyEuiseong KangManagement of occupational-safety, bio-safety, dangerous substance, RI, safety equipment and RA031-8018-8125 (8125)
IT·Facility & SafetyHyeryun KimManagement of occupational-safety, bio-safety and dangerous substance031-8018-8126 (8126)
IT·Facility & SafetyJungmin HanBuilding operation/space management, Construction project plan031-8018-8122 (8122)
IT·Facility & SafetyMinji NaBuilding operation support, Legal facilities inspection and permission031-8018-8123 (8123)