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Board of Directors
Christian BRECHOT
Institut Pasteur, France
Hong Kong Univsity-Pasteur Research Pole, Hong Kong, China
Byeong Seon JEONG
Ministry of Science and ICT, Rep. of Korea
Institut Pasteur, France
Byong Moon KIM
CJ Cheiljedang, Rep. of Korea
Chang Kyung KIM
Hanyang University, Rep. of Korea
Young Seek LEE - Chairman
Hanyang University, Rep. of Korea
Jong Chul LIM
Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Rep. of Korea
Jae Suk NOH - Auditor
Kongju National University, Rep. of Korea
Institut Pasteur, France
Wang Shick RYU
Institut Pasteur Korea, Rep. of Korea
Scientific Advisory Committee
Alex Matter - Chairman
Experimental Therapeutic Center, Singapore
Sung Key Jang
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Rep. of Korea
Magnus Fontes
Institut Pasteur, France, and Lund University, Sweden
Ho Jeong Kwon
Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Shahragim Tajbakhsh
Institut Pasteur, France
Eric Rubin
Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Suk Kyoon Yoon
Daegu-Kyoungbuk Medical Innovation Foundation Rep. of Korea
Jeong Min Kim
Jeil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Rep. of Korea
Baik Lin Seong
Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Ari Helenius
ETH Zurich, Swiss
Lisa Fong Poh Ng
Singapore Immunology Network, Singapore
Administration contact information
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Purchasing | Safety | TFT

Department Name Person in charge of Office number (Ext.)
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CEO OfficeSukyon Yang 031-8018-8042 (8042)
CEO OfficeOn You Park 031-8018-8049 (8049)
& Public Relation
Dohee Kim
(Team Head)
PR031-8018-8040 (8040)
& Public Relation
Eunjung EomHomepage, Internship program031-8018-8047 (8047)
& Public Relation
Jieun KimGyeonggi Mentor Project, UST program031-8018-8041 (8041)
Jungmin Han
(Team Head)
Building operation/space management, construction project plan031-8018-8122 (8122)
Minji NaBuilding operation support and legal facilities inspection and permission031-8018-8123 (8123)
FinanceJungah Lee
(Team Head)
Budget Plan & closing031-8018-8071 (8071)
FinanceHyeonju MoonTresury, VAT, Donation031-8018-8072 (8072)
FinanceJinseon HuhR&D budget & grant Mgmt.031-8018-8073 (8073)
FinanceSeungyeon ChoiR&D budget & closing support031-8018-8074 (8074)
Human ResourcesJaeho Youn
Directing HR Department031-8018-8062 (8062)
Human ResourcesJiyeon LeeManaging general HR works031-8018-8061 (8061)
Human ResourcesShinhye KimManaging general HR works031-8018-8063 (8063)
PurchasingJeong Keun Park
(Team Head)
Contract, ZEUS(Zone for Equipment Utilization Service) Contact, Equipment & Asset management, Purchase order031-8018-8080 (8080)
PurchasingJin LEEEquipment & Asset management, Purchase order, Payment031-8018-8082 (8082)
SafetyEuiseong Kang
(Team Head)
Occupational safety management, biosafety management, dangerous & hazardous material management, radiation safety management, restricted area access control.031-8018-8125 (8125)
SafetyHyeryun KimMedical health examination, safety training, assistance of biosafety management, permission for importation of LMO and pathogens, first-aid & PPEs management031-8018-8126 (8126)
TFTJinhyun Park
Task related on Government, Planning the research project, Evaluation and contract031-8018-8090 (8090)
TFTShineun JoPlanning & Management, IPK Operation program 031-8018-8091 (8091)
TFTYuri KangSupporting for Government, R&D program. MSIP program evaluation and manage to NRF ER&D system.031-8018-8092 (8092)