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CEO Message

Message from Dr. Youngmee JEE

Dr. Youngmee JEE, CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea

The COVID-19 crisis has renewed our awareness of the significance of infectious disease preparedness research. It has created many challenges, but it has also provided chances for the Institut Pasteur Korea to leap forward towards a global centre of excellence. The Institut successfully discovered COVID-19 therapeutics candidates by drug repositioning. The platforms developed through these efforts will facilitate research and development on future emerging infectious diseases.

The greatest advantage of the Institut Pasteur Korea is that it is part of a renowned Institut Pasteur International Network of health research institutes. The Institut Pasteur Korea can capitalize on both the availability of cooperative resources deriving from this international network and Korea’s excellent research infrastructure in developing itself into an Asia-Pacific regional hub of infectious disease research and a global partner to major international public health bodies. Devoted researchers and staff are doing their best to usher the Institut Pasteur Korea into a new stage of service to global health.

Youngmee JEE

CEO of the Institut Pasteur Korea