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Core Value & Culture

Pasteurians fighting disease for all mankind

Pasteurians fighting disease with integrity for all mankind

The ability to maintain positive relationships with individuals inside and outside of the organization. To build important working relationships, this person actively networks with others, as well as seeks opportunities and behaves thoughtfully by considering the effects of his/her actions on others.

Communication The ability to have clear and effective conversation with people inside and outside of the organization. This person conveys his/her thoughts or ideas effectively to others.

with Members
This person works effectively and cooperatively with others towards a common objective, and gives their best efforts to complete tasks with a sense of responsibility for the group.

We respect diversity and the value of individuals. Our vibrant organization is made up of people from various countries, such as France, US, Germany, Russia, Philippines, etc.

Embracing Various Cultures, Giving Back to the Community, Increasing Public Understanding

Embracing Various Cultures

Global talents meet together for in-house club activities, sports and cultural events to enhance our creative and team-oriented culture.

Increasing Public Understanding

We strive to enhance local awareness of science and technology by operating regular and special life science programs for young students and scientists, offering training courses, participating in various science festivals, and providing special seminars.

Giving Back to the Community

We try to be actively involved in community service by participating in campaigns and sponsoring charities.