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Core Technology Platform

IPK employs dynamic robotic platforms for high-throughput and high-content screening of chemical libraries and RNAi collections. The fully-automated platforms are located in BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories suitable for most pathogens and biological research. The identified candidates from the screening are further developed through the Medicinal Chemistry Platform to the preclinical stage.

Screening Platforms

IPK utilizes image- and cell-based high-throughput/high-content screening platform. This technology allows the target or target-free screening of the assays covering a wide range of detection technologies including fluorescence, bioluminescence, absorbance, and imaging. Our strategy has a high potential to uncover new leads for the development of biomarkers, probes, and drugs.

Phenomic Screen™

Image- and cell-based high throughput and high content screening (HTS/HCS) employing a target-free approach to identify novel drug candidates

IPK operates HTS and HCS platforms that extract high-resolution images from biological samples using automated digital microscopy. The PhenomicScreen™ quantifies biological events in living cells and allows the cells themselves to identify the most effective drug targets from millions of complex molecular interactions. Disease mechanisms addressed by the identified compounds are likely to be physiologically relevant since compounds are tested and studied in cells.

Chemical Screening

Chemical screening can be used to identify molecules with biological activity from our libraries covering 500,000 compounds including synthetics and natural products. The diverse collection was assembled with the help of the in-house chemistry and cheminformatics experts, as well as established strategic partners.

RNAi Screening

RNAi technology enables sequence-specific knockdown of genes to identify new targets and cell signaling pathways for disease understanding. Our RNAi collections cover both siRNA and shRNA technologies for gene-by-gene systematic interrogation of our biological models.

Automation Management Solutions

Multimodality instrumentation and automated microscopes are integrated into our robotic platforms for fast and reliable data acquisition. Our detection technologies include fluorescence, bioluminescence, absorbance, and high-content imaging to enable understanding of simple to complex biological interactions.

  • Sample Management Tools: HummingWell, Personal Pipettor
  • Assay Optimization Tools: EnVision,  VICTOR3™ V & Stacker Multilabel Readers, SpectraMax®M5
  • HTS/HCS Automated Platforms: OPERETTA™ and Cell Explorer™ in BSL-2 and BSL-3
Libraries for Screening
Chemical Libraries: ~500,000
Pilot Screening: Proof of Concept (~8,000)
  • Kinase inhibitors
  • Bioactives / NIH Clinical Collection
  • FDA-approved drugs
Full Scale Primary Screening : Unique Pharmacological entities
  • Diverse set of small molecules
  • Natural products
  • IPK proprietary MC compounds
RNAi Libraries: ~20,000 Genes
  • Focused Libraries: Kinase / Phosphatase
  • Full Human Genome-wide siRNA Library
  • LentiExpress Human Kinases