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UST Master’s & Doctoral Program
University of Science and Technology (UST) – Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) School

In 2014, Institut Pasteur Korea became the first non-profit research organization to be a member campus of the University of Science and Technology (UST), a government-supported graduate school focused on fostering the development of prospective researchers in the fields of science and technology.

Institut Pasteur Korea, as a UST 'School' starting 2023 fall Semester, will offer a new Master's, Doctoral, and Combined Master's and Doctoral Courses in 'Advanced Drug Discovery & Development'.

'Advanced Drug Discovery & Development' is a field-oriented program that specializes in training global infectious disease experts, allowing them to acquire basic knowledge and innovative research methods for infectious diseases and cancers caused by new and variant viruses, resistant bacteria, and parasites, and to conduct a series of processes translating to the development of therapeutics using cutting-edge technologies.

The Institut Pasteur Korea is a strategic center for infectious disease preparedness and response in the Seoul metropolitan area. In addition, the institute offers a unique educational environment, providing a creative and autonomous research culture in which you can collaborate closely with faculty and researchers from more than 10 countries, and opening up a wide range of global exchange opportunities through the international Pasteur Network.

Following Louis Pasteur's desire to provide continuous scientific education, the Institut Pasteur Korea aims to foster promising students and contribute to strengthening national R&D capabilities. Students interested in the UST-IPK Master's, Doctoral, and Combined Master's and Doctoral Courses should contact us at the email below.

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