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High Content Screening(HCS) Training Courses

The High Content Screening (HCS) training course is a research technical education program that focuses on the fields of chemical biology and functional genomics. Researchers participating in the program can systematically acquire a wide range of knowledge from the basic principles of HCS screening to its applications. Examples of the course work include: developing cell-based assays, grafting automated microscopy, and analyzing large RNAi screening data sets with relevance in target discovery and cellular pathways.

The HCS program is open to domestic and foreign applicants. For more information, please contact us through the email below.

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  • Thierry Rose
    Assistant Professor, Institut Pasteur
    "I really encourage PIs to attend this course before they write down a screening project in order to save time and disillusions and focus on winning paths and decisive choices: relevant cells and reads out are critical."


High Content Screening for Therapeutics Discovery

Aug 29 to Sep 2, 2022, Offline course @ Institut Pasteur Korea

The "High Content Screening for Therapeutics Discovery" is a newly created course that provides a learning platform for those interested or working in the fields of chemical biology to interact and learn the best practices in setting up cell based assays using automated microscopy leading to the discovery of novel drugs. This course is open to a broader audience, from newcomers to seasoned research scientists familiar with the technology who are highly interested in unbiased approaches towards developing cell-based assays, automated microscopy, performing small focused to large scale drug screens.

The Business of Managing Science

Jun 27 to Jul 1, 2022, Offline course @ Institut Pasteur Korea

Today, in life sciences, entrepreneurship requires rationalization of business development attitudes and entrepreneurial initiative. For life scientists aiming to translate the results of their work to the benefit of global health it is more than ever important to have business acumen. The Business of Managing Science (BMS) course aims to equip scientists with business development insight to help them better engage as entrepreneurs applying business principles to achieve desirable outcomes. We hope the students of this course will innovate new business opportunities consistent to a longer-term rationale aimed at benefiting global health’s most prescient challenges.