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Institut Pasteur Korea provides unique experiences and know-hows through advanced education & training opportunities designed to help students and young scientists acquire R&D expertise in an international research environment and pursue professional occupation in the fields.

UST Research Internship

The UST Research Internship is a program that provides undergraduate students with opportunities to explore a career in research as well as experience UST's education system. The target is Korean students in their 3rd year undergraduate to Master’s degree and operates for about two months during winter and summer vacation period.

Students participating in the Research Internship at the UST-IPK campus will gain a unique experience of participating in an ongoing drug discovery research at a UST professor’s laboratory, working with global researchers who come from more than 10 countries.

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Summer/Winter Regular Internship

An eight-week program held during summer/winter breaks. Students work directly with researchers to learn the roles and responsibilities of the profession and gain practical work experience in a relevant field at Institut Pasteur Korea. Under the guidance of their mentors, students are treated as functioning members of the team and assist on ongoing research projects.

* Currently, the Summer/Winter Regular Internship program is not in operation

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Life Science Program

The Life Science Program (currently, Science Star Program) launched in 2009 through the support of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, provides middle school students with opportunities to explore their interest in science.

The series of classes designed in line with the actual research activities of IPK consist of a lecture followed by a simple, hands-on experiment related to drug discovery. Additionally, students, grouped in small numbers and guided by a mentor who is a young and enthusiastic researcher at IPK, work together as a team on a science project. Students also go on field trips and engage in multidisciplinary activities with IPK staff.

By the end of the program, students will have learned about various diseases, the process of new drug discovery, basic science, and research technology in an engaging, cooperative group setting.

*This program is currently not in operation.