Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) pursues scientific excellence and performs the role of the Asia-Pacific regional hub for the Pasteur Network with strengthened engagement with public health initiatives.

Mission & Strategy

IPK combines front-line biology, IT, and chemistry with innovative cell-based drug discovery platforms that identify novel molecular targets and potent candidates for new therapeutics and preventive strategies to combat infectious diseases.

IPK currently focuses on global infectious diseases that represent today’s health challenges such as zoonotic virus infections, viral immunity, tuberculosis, antibiotic resistance, hepatitis, cancer, dengue and neglected diseases, as well as preparing for emerging diseases that may impact future health needs. With world-class drug discovery capacity and a talented team drawn from all over the world, IPK aims to uncover various physiological and pathological processes to devise new strategies for preventing and treating disease. IPK is a growth engine for Korea’s biomedical research industry, working successfully with biotech to develop multi-disciplinary R&D and translate fundamental discovery-based research to enhance public health.


Education and teaching are an important part of Louis Pasteur’s legacy and the establishment of IPK. The institute contributes to Korea’s knowledge economy, fanning the spirit of discovery and innovation by nurturing the development of the next generation of scientists and health professionals.

IPK is committed to sharing scientific expertise and technologies with early career researchers and scientists. We provide various educational and training opportunities throughout the year, such as the University of Science and Technology (UST)-Institut Pasteur Korea Campus Master's and Ph.D. courses, training programs to strengthen researchers' capabilities, and regular/irregular internships for university (graduate) students. In addition, bridging the Pasteur Network with the domestic scientific community, IPK provides an opportunity for domestic researchers to participate in international training programs supported by the Pasteur Network, helping to expand international cooperation and strengthen their global competitiveness.


IPK is contributing to national and global public health efforts to fight infectious diseases.

IPK was at the forefront of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted the entire world by pioneering drug repositioning research. We quickly identified drug candidates with excellent efficacy through image-based screening and established a global scientific framework connecting international networks and domestic pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials. In addition, we are contributing to domestic efforts to respond to the public health crisis by participating in Korea’s pan-governmental COVID-19 treatment and vaccine R&D supporting group, COVID-19 response R&D support council, etc.


As the Asia-Pacific research hub of the Pasteur Network, IPK plays a key role in leading drug discovery research and serves as a bridge between Korea and global bio-pharma science.

Present on five continents and consisting of 32 institutes, the Pasteur Network plays a major role in research, education, and public health via numerous cooperation and training programs and provides a front-line response against (re-)emerging and endemic infectious diseases. IPK is connecting the Pasteur Network and the domestic scientific community by promoting scientific, academic, technological, and human exchanges. For over a decade, IPK contributed to expanding Korea’s R&D base by accelerating successful partnerships and collaborative research with global alliances and by activating scientific exchanges through international seminars and conferences.