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[2017 HCA Training] High Content Assay for Target Discovery using RNAi Technology

"High Content Assay for Target Discovery using RNAi Technology"
Dec 4th to 6th, 2017  |  Institut Pasteur Korea

This newly created course provides a learning platform for those interested or working in the fields of chemical biology and functional genomics to interact and learn the best practices in setting up cell based assays using automated microscopy for RNA interference (RNAi) technologies and leading to the discovery of novel gene targets. This course is open to a broader audience, from new comers to RNAi to seasoned research scientist familiar with the technology, and with an interest in understanding unbiased approaches towards developing cell based assays, using automated microscopy, performing small focused to up to genome scale screens, analyzing large RNAi screening data sets with relevance in target discovery and cellular pathways.

There will be six main theoretical and practical short courses. The practical courses will also cover case studies on RNAi screens.

• Designing & establishing cell-based assays for screening
• High Content Assay: instrumentation and assay development
• Designing & setting up assays for RNAi screening
• Automated microscopy image processing and analysis
• RNAi screening data analysis for gene nomination, data management, and data mining
• RNAi data analysis in a cellular pathway context

A maximum of 20 students will be accepted. Registration fees are 200,000Kw.

People interested in participating in this course must send the application form, together with the following documents:
• Fill up the application form
• Short CV (max. 2 pages)
• Send this material to:

Deadline for application is November 28th, 2017.

※ The selection criteria:
• Students who plan to use High Content Screening (HCS) technology
• Students who look to implement HCS capacity at a screening center
• Students who want to optimize the RNAi screening and/or to manage and analyze data
• Students who seeking for RNAi data and pathway analysis methodologies

*Selected applicants will be informed individually by email.