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UST-Institut Pasteur Korea Campus Admissions for 2022 Fall Semester

UST-Institut Pasteur Korea Campus
Admissions for 2022 Fall Semester

Institut Pasteur Korea is calling for young Pasteurians who will move forwards to the unlimited future at the global research site where Louis Pasteur's spirits and passions are alive!

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Institut Pasteur Korea(IPK) is a non-profit research institute established in 2004 based on science and technology cooperation between Korea and France. It was designated as the UST campus in 2014 for the first time as a private institute and is operating an integrated, master's and doctoral programs majoring in Biological Chemistry, Division of BioMedical Science & Technology.

The research team, called Pasteurians, composed of experts in biology, chemistry, and engineering from more than 10 countries around the world, is focusing on research in the fields of liver cancer and liver fibrosis, emerging viral diseases such as COVID-19 and MERS, antibiotic resistance, and virus immunity. 

Utilizing its core infrastructures for infectious diseases, such as the nation's first certified biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) research facility and high-speed, cell-based, high-throughput and high-content drug screening, IPK is taking the lead in national and global response for infectious diseases. 

In addition, IPK is a member of the Pasteur Network, a pivotal global network for infectious disease research, consisting of 33 members worldwide, including the Pasteur Institute in France, founded in 1887 by Dr. Louis Pasteur. Institut Pasteur Korea is the Asia-Pacific regional hub in the network that plays a significant role in activating cooperation and accelerating drug discovery research.
The UST-IPK campus is open to young Pasteurians who will leap into the future leveraging the advanced research facilities, a research culture that respects creativity, professionalism, and differences, and opportunities for active international cooperation!
 "In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind."
- Louis Pasteur -