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[IPK 2022 Training Course] THE BUSINESS OF MANAGING SCIENCE_Poster (Jun 27 ~ Jul 1)

Institut Pasteur Korea 2022 Training Course

Entrepreneurial and Organizational skills for professionals working in life sciences

Today, in life sciences, entrepreneurship requires rationalization of business development attitudes and entrepreneurial initiative. For life scientists aiming to translate the results of their work to the benefit of global health it is more than ever important to have business acumen. The Business of Managing Science (BMS) course aims to equip scientists with business development insight to help them better engage as entrepreneurs applying business principles to achieve desirable outcomes. We hope the students of this course will innovate new business opportunities consistent to a longer-term rationale aiming at a greater good to the benefit of global health’s most prescient challenges.
The Business of Managing Science (BMS)
Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership skills for Scientists managing Research, Shared Scientific Resources/Infrastructures & Innovation in Life Sciences.
• Period: 27 June (Mon) – 01 July (Fri), 2022
• Venue: Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) Amphitheatre
• Organizers: Linda Nait-Kaoudjt and Michel Perez of Institut Pasteur, David Shum and Spencer
                        Shorte of Institut Pasteur Korea
• Students: open to all post-graduate researchers in life sciences fields
• Cost: No course fee, but students must pay their own travel & accommodation
           (Limited travel and accommodation support is available upon request)
• Number of student places available: Number of student places is limited <20
• Application Deadline: May 27 (Send the application to
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