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[Education] 2024 High Content Screening Course for Therapeutics Discovery


[Institut Pasteur Korea 2024 Signature Training Course]

High Content Screening for Therapeutics Discovery

Institut Pasteur Korea(IPK) operates the HCS course in collaboration with Institut Pasteur and the Pasteur Network. The course provides a learning platform for those interested or working in chemical biology to interact and learn the best practices in setting up cell-based assays using automated microscopy, leading to the discovery of novel drugs.

This course is open to a broader audience, from newcomers to seasoned research scientists familiar with the technology and those seeking unbiased approaches to HCS and its application, such as small focused up to large scale drug screens.

1. Period 
August 26(Mon) ~ August 30(Fri) 2024 @ Institut Pasteur Korea

2. Application Deadline
Pasteur Network Applicants: May 31st, 2024

General Applicants*: June 21st, 2024
*General applicants: those in Korea and abroad who are not members of the Pasteur Network

3. Number of students selected
20 students in Korea and abroad (Including a minimum of 6 spots reserved for Pasteur Network members)

* Inquiries:
* Application Form is attached on the top right corner.

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