Event & Seminar

[2019 Pasteur Colloquium] Jacob A. Doughty, J.D., Oblon (US)


IPK Pasteur Colloquium
Date    :   Wed. Jul. 10, 2019 at 11:00am  
Venue  :   Monod Room (1F), Institut Pasteur Korea


     Jacob A. Doughty, J.D.  
      Partner attorney, Oblon, U.S.
     Strategies for Protecting and Commercializing IP in the U.S.

This presentation focuses on the strategic management of intellectual property and the important role it plays in maximizing innovation and monetization opportunities. The protection and commercialization of IP requires an established streamlined workflow for patenting, commercialization, and assessment processes. The innovation management process includes aligning investments in R&D and IP with the key business and market objectives of the company. A patent’s monetary value and ultimate enforcement is highly influenced by the strength of the patent, and the patentee’s ability to identify and prove infringement. The commercialization management process includes taking key steps to identify the company’s intended products/services and markets, and the commercially valuable IP related to these. Bridging the gap between generating IP, enforcing IP, and commercializing IP is essential to succeeding for the commercialization of technology and entry into overseas markets.
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