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[IPK@2021 KSMCB] IPK holds a symposium session at the 2021 KSMCB International Conference

Institut Pasteur Korea holds a symposium session
at the 2021 KSMCB International Conference

Institut Pasteur Korea(IPK) will hold a symposium session at the 2021 Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology (KSMCB) International Conference to discuss multidimensional strategies for facilitating R&D cooperation at domestic and global levels and strengthening the ability to respond to infectious diseases.

The 2021 KSMCB International Conference will take place for three days starting November 3 online and offline (offline at the Jeju International Convention Center), and the IPK’s session, under the theme of “R&D Preparedness for Infectious Diseases and International and National Cooperation,” is scheduled from 3:20 pm to 5:30 pm on November 5 at Halla Hall. 
For the symposium, IPK gathered five leading experts from organizations at the cutting-edge of scientific research readiness and public-health pandemic preparedness, including Mr. David Shum of Screening Discovery Platform of IPK, Dr. Hans-Eckhardt Hagen of GLoPID-R, Dr. Amadou Sall of Institut Pasteur Dakar, Dr. Hee-Chang Chang, Korea National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Hani Kim of RIGHT FUND. The speakers, with an aim of examining how and what we might do better to be ready in the face of the next infectious disease outbreak, will cover the topics on basic and applied research activities of major institutes as well as innovative funding for global infectious disease R&D.

Leveraging lessons from the COVID-19, we will move forwards and be more prepared for “Disease X” to come in the future. Your attendance at this symposium will help to accelerate the cross-border research cooperation that encompasses each specialized field of monitoring, surveillance, diagnostic, basic-/clinical-research, therapeutics & vaccines development.