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[2023 IPK International Symposium] Fighting Infectious Diseases Sensitive to Climate Change


2023 IPK International Symposium

"Fighting Infectious Diseases Sensitive to Climate Change"

Institut Pasteur Korea will hold an international symposium, both online and offline, on November 30th with the theme "Fighting Infectious Diseases Sensitive to Climate Change".

The crisis of infectious diseases due to climate change poses an unprecedented threat to public health and emphasizes the importance of global research collaboration.

Due to the potential of climate change to trigger global emerging and variant infectious diseases, as well as potentially cause pandemics, addressing this issue urgently is essential.

Institut Pasteur Korea has invited experts leading in infectious disease preparedness, response, and climate change related research from 9 countries.

The symposium will discuss topics such as multidisciplinary cooperation, infectious diseases on the move in a changing climate, and preparedness and response to emerging and neglected infectious diseases. Panel discussions are also scheduled to take place.

We hope to create an opportunity to foster international collaboration in areas such as new drug and vaccine development, as well as R&D governance. We encourage the active participation of experts from both domestic and international contexts.


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