Dr. Youngmee Jee was elected as the first chairman of the Virus Research Cooperation Council

Dr. Youngmee Jee, IPK CEO, elected as the first chairman of the Virus Research Cooperation Council

Dr. Youngmee Jee, CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea, was elected as the first chairman of the Virus Research Cooperation Council and presided over the first general meeting held at the IBS Science and Culture Center on the 5th of July. 

At the first general meeting, the Council deliberated the major operation plans and discussed strategies for strengthening the virus research cooperation ecosystem of Korea. For a method to reinforce R&D collaboration, various measures were discussed, such as facilitating networks with universities and government-supported institutions to create synergy by connecting basic and applied research and promoting joint projects to enhance virus research and response capabilities. Additionally, suggestions for government R&D policies were presented.

Dr. Jee, the chairperson, said, "For national preparation for a pandemic, a cross-ministerial R&D roadmap should be established and implemented, and researchers specialized in infectious diseases has to be fostered based on the cooperation of industry, academia, institutions, and government. Expanding the emergency use approval system to the vaccine and treatment fields will help expedite the development process." "Korea needs to join the discussion on the 100-day mission of the G7 countries to promote the development of a diagnostic, therapeutic, and vaccine within 100 days of an outbreak of an emerging infectious disease," added Dr. Jee.

In addition, the Virus Research Cooperation Council held the 'Virus Research Forum' under the theme of 'Preparedness for the Next Pandemic' over two days from the 5th to the 6th to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the establishment of the Council. Researchers from related institutes shared the latest research results and Dr. Euiho Kim, head of the Viral Immunology Lab. of IPK, presented under the theme 'Exploring the Immunological Mechanism of Viral Vaccines.'

Virus Research Forum Replay:

The Virus Research Cooperation Council, launched in December last year by the Ministry of Science and ICT, plays a pivotal role in infectious disease research and cooperation by gathering virus research capabilities and establishing joint research plans and R&D strategies. Eight institutions, including ▲IPK, ▲Korea Virus Research Institute (secretary institution), ▲Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, ▲Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, ▲Korea Institute of Toxicology, ▲Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center, ▲KBIO Health, ▲KMEDI hub, etc. are participating. The Council will further invite participating institutions from the fields of research institutes, universities, corporations, hospitals, and related major societies in the future.