Press Release

Institut Pasteur Korea Runs ‘Life Science Programs’ during the Summer Vacation


Pangyo, Gyeonggi, 5 Aug, 2015| Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK, CEO: Dr. Hakim Djaballah) is planning to have various and fruitful ‘Life Science Programs’ for middle and high school students during the summer vacation. 
On 5 Aug, the ‘Regular Life Science Program’ will be held. It has been started in 2009 as part of Gyeonggi Mentor project and until now it has 138 alumni. In this year, 27 middle school students have been selected and they will learn about life science for 6 months from multi-national scientists.

'Outreach Life Science Program' is designed to meet many middle and high school students. So IPK scientists personally visit schools and tell about the drug discovery process and the role of scientists. The following school is a PyeongChon high school in early September.

Besides, IPK is running various programs such as Pasteur Jr. Researcher Program, IPK lab tour and others to help students easily get close to life science. If you have any question on ‘IPK Life Science Programs’, please email to