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IPK shares its advanced drug discovery screening technology and know-how through 5-day- specialized-training running in cooperation with the Pasteur Network

Institut Pasteur Korea shares its advanced drug discovery screening technology and know-how through 5-day-specialized-training in cooperation with the Pasteur Network

- Provides differentiated training of field-oriented education and experiments based on the accumulated capabilities of domestic and foreign drug development screening leaders -
- Fosters drug development experts and contributes to the bio-ecosystem by disseminating excellent screening technology and know-how -

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) operated ‘Cell-Based Drug Discovery Screening Training’ from August 29 to September 2 to share its advanced technologies for new drug development.

Cell-based screening is a state-of-the-art technology that enables precise analysis of the therapeutic efficacy of compound libraries in cell-culture experiments with living cells to identify potent candidates and to find clues for their mechanism of action.

About twenty participating students, selected after preliminary screening, are professors, researchers, and students in life science and medicine from four countries, including Korea, Vietnam, India, and Tunisia. 

This course is focused on delivering information, knowledge, and know-how for in-depth understanding and utilization of high-content screening (HCS) technology, for which it provides unique training opportunities.

The program consists of ▲establishment and utilization of cell-based assays, ▲utilization of advanced automated microscopes, ▲small and large-scale screening, and ▲screening data analysis, and lectures, seminars, discussions, and field practices are provided.

In particular, with the guidance of experienced mentors, participants go through the entire series of drug screenings, from building assays using live cells and bacteria, handling 3D spheroid models, screening, analyzing data, and deriving conclusions. 

About 20 domestic and foreign screening experts from IPK and Institut Pasteur, including Dr. Natalie Aulner, Head, Photonic BioImaging (PBI) Core Facility of Institut Pasteur, Prof. Richard Enriques, Honorary Professor of University College London and Group Leader, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência are conducting online lectures and seminars. IPK Team leaders and researchers of the Screening Discovery Platform, Technology Development Platform, Medicinal Chemistry, etc. are dedicated home-mentors.

Dr. Youngmee Jee, the IPK CEO, said, “Through discovering COVID-19 drug candidates in a short time and identifying potent drug candidates for MDR/XDR TB, hepatitis, antibiotic-resistant infection, and liver cancer, IPK has proven itself as a leader in cell-based drug screening.” “By operating this flagship education incorporating IPK and its screening partners’ accumulated capabilities regularly, we will spread screening technology and know-how to accelerate drug discovery and contribute to fostering experts and creating a bio-ecosystem.”