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Institut Pasteur Korea and JUVIC join hands to develop influenza vaccine patch

Institut Pasteur Korea and JUVIC join hands to develop influenza vaccine patch

– Merging IPK’s viral immunology research capabilities with JUVIC’s microneedle technology –
– Establishing a foundation for the development of next-generation vaccines with less pain and room-temperature logistics –
Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) announced a research service agreement executed with JUVIC Inc. for the joint development of microneedle-based influenza vaccines on Jan 6.

Under the agreement, IPK and JUVIC launched a research collaboration to evaluate the preclinical efficacy of the influenza vaccines developed based on microneedle technology. Microneedle is a new transdermal drug delivery system loading drugs onto microstructures that dissolve inside the body, causing no tissue damage or pain. 

JUVIC utilizes its in-house technology to design microneedle vaccines enabling effective drug delivery within the body while maintaining the drug activity.

On IPK’s side, the Viral Immunology Lab led by Dr. Eui Ho Kim verifies precisely the efficacy of microneedle-based vaccines in comparison with the conventional types, utilizing an influenza mouse model and innate and adaptive immune response analysis techniques. 

Merging JUVIC’s microneedle production technology and IPK’s vaccine R&D capabilities, this collaboration is expected to facilitate the development of a microneedle influenza vaccine patch. Notably, the microneedle-based vaccine not only reduces the pain dramatically during vaccination but also can be distributed at room temperature. Conventional vaccines present challenges in distribution and export with various costs and medical wastes arising from the cold chain requirement. On the other hand, the microneedle vaccine patch involves far less amount of medical waste, in turn, a rapid market expansion is foreseeable.

Dr. Youngmee Jee, CEO of IPK, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, saying, “The synergy created in bringing together the innovative technology of JUVIC, the Korean startup company, and the excellent viral immunology research capabilities of IPK will establish a foundation for the development of next-generation microneedle vaccines.” 

Dr. Hwi-seok Yang, CEO of JUVIC, said, “JUVIC’s innovative polymer system, centrifugal lithography, and innovative application system have been verified through a number of government projects.” He added, “Under this research agreement, we will do our utmost for the development of a safe and effective influenza vaccine patch."