Press Release

IPK and SNUBH cooperate to foster global bio/healthcare companies

Institut Pasteur Korea and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
cooperate to foster global bio/healthcare companies
Institut Pasteur Korea(IPK) signed a memorandum of understanding with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital(SNUBH) on the 16th for cooperation in revitalizing an innovative ecosystem for the bio and healthcare startups and fostering global bio companies.
At the signing ceremony held at SNUBH Healthcare Innovation Park, Dr. Youngmee Jee, CEO of IPK, Dr. Ji-soo Kim, Director of SNUBH Translational Research Institute, and Dr. Byeongyun Choi, Head of the Research Planning Center and the Biocore Center of SNUBH, agreed to support the growth of innovative bio and healthcare startups and promoting joint research on drug discovery.

Dr. Ji-soo Kim, Director of SNUBH Translational Research Institute (left), and Dr. Youngmee Jee, CEO of IPK
Under the agreement, IPK and the SNUBH Translational Research Institute will put forces together in ▲Joint research and information sharing in drug discovery and infectious diseases research of bio ventures, ▲Collaborative utilization of innovative drug development platforms and research cooperation networks of the two institutions, ▲Exchange of professionals and R&D information, and ▲Co-hosting of startups-related programs and educational seminars in the biomedical field.
IPK and SNUBH are carrying out the Bio Core Facility Establishment Project supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT.
Selected as a host organization of the project in 2017, IPK has successfully fostered five bio venture companies for three years, which resulted in the remarkable growth of the companies attracting 100.8 billion KRW in investment and creating 141 jobs through. Starting in 2021, five new companies have joined the IPK's project for three years.
SNUBH was selected as a host organization in 2021 and it aims to grow young bio startups into global companies leveraging its new drug development research infrastructure and drug discovery full-cycle support capability.
Dr. Jee said, "IPK has been operating a platform specialized for bio startups to access and fully utilize the advanced research infrastructure easily. Through active exchanges and cooperation with the researchers at SNUBH, we will seek various R&D opportunities in the field of infectious diseases and cancer as well as in the Bio Core Facility Establishment Project."
"Through this MOU, we expect that this MOU will be another turning point to strengthen global competitiveness by developing bio-healthcare technology into the commercialization stage," said Dr. Kim.