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ChemDiv And Institut Pasteur Korea Announce Partnership

ChemDiv, Inc. (ChemDiv), a privately-held chemistry-driven research & development company, and Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) announced today that they have entered into collaboration for the discovery and development of new drugs against tuberculosis disease (TB).

Under the terms of this collaboration, ChemDiv will provide IPK with its research small molecules series for TB. ChemDiv will contribute other services of its Discovery outSourceTM platform, including the world?s largest commercially available chemical collection, in vitro and cellular ADME and Toxicity testing, as well as synthetic and medicinal chemistry for joint development new generation of anti TB drugs. IPK will contribute its unique high content and throughput visual TB assays, as well as animal models for TB drug discovery.

?We are very glad to initiate this partnership with Institut Pasteur Korea,? said Yan Lavrovsky, Global Head of Biology of ChemDiv. ?Institut Pasteur Korea possesses a unique biological and screening platform and we believe that in combination with ChemDiv?s chemical resources and expertise in Medicinal Chemistry this collaboration will result in a breakthrough discovery of a new type of anti-TB drugs.?

?We are pleased to partner with ChemDiv and hope that our joint effort will leverage our expertise in the ongoing research to discover new TB therapeutics,? said Ulf Nehrbass, Director, CEO IPK. ?The disease caused by MDR strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is acutely progressive and tough to treat. In view of the HIV pandemic, when tuberculosis is the major lethality factor among immunodeficient patients and with the arising of ultraresistant XDR strains, development of novel pharmaceuticals for TB therapy becomes an actual pursuit.?

?This collaboration reflects perfect complementarities between top-level chemical expertise of ChemDiv and our disease-based approach for High Content Screening,? noted Thierry Christophe, Head of Screening Technologies and Pharmacology of IPK. ?These screening assays take advantage of the location of our automated confocal microscopy platforms in a BSL-3 safety lab which allows us to screen with infectious human pathogens in High Throughput.?

About ChemDiv, Inc.
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About Institut Pasteur Korea:
IPK is a leading biotechnology research institute performing basic research in infectious diseases and biology-related disciplines and possesses technological resources and expertise in the field of cellular based disease models and high throughput screening. For additional information, please visit