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Institut Pasteur Korea selects ActivityBase? as its Screening Solution of choice

Institut Pasteur Korea selects ActivityBase? as its Screening Solution of choice

New Research Center in Korea employs ActivityBase for High Content Screening (HCS)

Guildford, United Kingdom,1st August 2006 — IDBS today announced that Institut Pasteur - Korea has implemented the ActivityBase data management software suite to increase efficiency and throughput in its screening operations.

Institut Pasteur Korea (IP-K), a new Research Center located in Seoul, South Korea, has purchased ActivityBase to handle their biology and chemistry data for High Throughput and High Content Screening (HTS/HCS). IP-K is implementing HCS assays and platforms for Drug Discovery using cell-based models of disease and automated confocal microscopy. IP-K will use ActivityBase suite to consolidate chemistry information and screening results, including those from microscopy-based screens, in a single Oracle database. Institut Pasteur Korea decided to purchase ActivityBase as its researchers felt more secure with a system with a proven track record in Drug Discovery.

Dr. Thierry Christophe, the Head of the Screening and Pharmacology lab, has used ActivityBase in previous positions at other companies. He said ?I am happy to be working with ActivityBase again, as it is a robust and flexible system that I know can deliver the results we need. We plan to develop specific data analysis templates for High Content Screens allowing the manipulation of multiplexing data from one single screen.?

Neil Kipling, IDBS? Chairman and CEO, commented: ?The increase in HCS and HTS planned by IP-K?s screening group demanded a data management system that could scale up to their requirements, both now and in the future, as well as map closely to their workflow. We are delighted to be supporting a centre of excellence in biomedical research and technology development, allowing new drugs to be identified faster and more reliably.?


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About ActivityBase
ActivityBase is a complete discovery data management platform for the capture, analysis, visualisation and storage of contextually rich biological and chemical data.

About Institut Pasteur, Korea

Institut Pasteur Korea (IP-Korea) was created in 2004 with the strategic focus of developing enabling technologies and therapeutics to combat disease. In order to meet this goal, IP-Korea is developing High Throughput assays using high content visual screens. IP-Korea takes advantage of its position as a nexus of biology, image mining, new microscopy development and medicinal and nano chemistry research.

IP-Korea is a part of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes, which gives IP-Korea access to research developed throughout the 29 partner Institutes. In addition, IP-Korea has agreements with the French CNRS (Centre National pour le Recherche Scientifique), KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) and KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) further increasing its research capabilities.

IP-Korea is developing cell-based assays allowing potential drugs to be selected by their ability to reverse disease phenotypes. To this end, IP-Korea has implemented the first worldwide uHTS platform from Evotec Technologies in a BSL-3 facility that includes an automatized confocal microscope (Opera) as well as fluorescence/luminescence readers.

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Institut Pasteur Korea is a non-profit organization based in Seoul, South Korea.

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