Press Release

Molecular Devices Places First ImageXpressULTRA Confocal Imaging System in Asia at Institut Pasteur-Korea

Sunnyvale, Calif., October 23, 2006 – Molecular Devices Corporation (Nasdaq: MDCC), a leader in innovative solutions for drug discovery and life sciences research, today announced the first placement in Asia of its ImageXpressULTRA? confocal imaging system at the Institut Pasteur-Korea (Seoul, Korea). The ImageXpressULTRA system is a high-speed, laser-scanning, confocal imager with throughput and resolution comparable to larger, more expensive confocal commercial systems. The Institut Pasteur-Korea will use the ImageXpressULTRA system for drug discovery and high-content genome wide screening. The Institut Pasteur-Korea and Molecular Devices will hold a joint press conference in Seoul, Korea on October 24, 2006 to mark the event.

Dr. Neil Emans, Principal Investigator of the Discovery Cell Biology Group at the Institut Pasteur-Korea, stated, ?We are excited by the potential to extend high-content biology toward high-content genomics—particularly target identification and systems biology.? Commenting on the placement of the system, Mr. Jan Hughes, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Molecular Devices added, "Molecular Devices is very pleased that the Institut Pasteur-Korea has chosen the ImageXpressULTRA for its research. We are very impressed with the scientific talents at the institute and are fortunate to be collaborating with them on the development of novel assays for the ImageXpressULTRA system."

The Institut Pasteur-Korea and Molecular Devices will explore opportunities to collaborate more closely on high-content genomics using the ImageXpressULTRA system. ?We?re honored to collaborate with such a prestigious research institute,? says Dr. Shawn Handran, Director of Imaging Marketing at Molecular Devices. ?We look forward to working with Dr. Emans and his colleagues and contributing to their efforts to expand high-content genomics.? Dr. Ulf Nehrbass, Chief Executive Officer at the Institut Pasteur-Korea, adds, ?The advanced technologies being developed by Molecular Devices which have been made available to us will add substantially to the basic research and drug discovery programs that have been implemented at IP-Korea.?

Institut Pasteur Korea was formally inaugurated in April 2004 with a strategic focus on enabling technologies and therapeutics development for disease and is a not for profit research foundation located in Seoul, South Korea.

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