Press Release

Institut Pasteur Korea and JLK BIO put forces together for AI-based drug discovery

Institut Pasteur Korea and JLK BIO put forces together for AI-based drug discovery 

- JLK BIO draws new drug candidates using "DeepHitsTM,” an AI-based drug development platform -
- Institut Pasteur Korea synthesizes the chemical compounds and tests their drug efficacy -
- Collaborations to be expanded, including joint research for anticancer drug development -
Institut Pasteur Korea (CEO Dr. Youngmee Jee) and JLK BIO (CEO Dr. Hyun-Jun Hwang) signed a memorandum of understanding for research collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI) based drug discovery. The signing ceremony took place on the 15th at Institut Pasteur Korea, located in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. 

With the agreement, various cooperation, including joint research to develop first-in-class drug candidates and exchange of academic knowledge, will be sought to merge the IPK's medicinal chemistry and screening expertise with the JLK BIO's AI-based drug discovery platform "DeepHitsTM.” 

JLK Bio CEO Dr. Hyun-Jun Hwang (left) and IPK CEO Dr. Youngmee Jee exchanged a memorandum of understanding on the 15th.

In particular, the two organizations will focus on anticancer drug development. The strategy will be for JLK BIO to quickly design optimal drug candidates based on the promising anticancer therapeutic targets using its AI platform, which IPK will then synthesize the virtual candidates into actual compounds and evaluate their non-clinical efficacy through drug screening. 

"This open innovation combining AI with drug discovery will enable us to explore chemical libraries faster and more extensively and to collect and utilize big data," said Dr. Youngmee Jee. "We will contribute to accelerating drug discovery research and increase the probability of successful development by turning AI-discovered drug candidates into actual compounds with excellent therapeutic efficacy,” she added.

"The competition for anticancer drug development is fierce, but the market demand remains unmet and high, for which we need a smart approach for innovative drug development. We plan to push for smart drug discovery distinguishable from competitors by taking advantage of the synergy created by fusing JLK BIO's dry lab and IPK's wet lab," said CEO Dr. Hyun-Jun Hwang.