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Institut Pasteur Korea presented cross-border scientific collaboration framework facilitating clinical development of COVID-19 therapeutics at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum


Institut Pasteur Korea presents cross-border scientific collaboration framework facilitating clinical development of COVID-19 therapeutics at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum


- Establishing an international partnership integrating the expertise of Korean pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and the unique assets of Institut Pasteur International Network -


Institut Pasteur Korea (CEO: Wang-Shick Ryu) presented at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum held online November 11 to 13, as one of 100 selected flagship projects, featuring Institut Pasteur Korea’s work establishing an international scientific framework facilitating COVID-19 therapeutics discovery.

Initiated in 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I, the Paris Peace Forum gathers international leaders and experts once a year to facilitate multilateral cooperation toward establishing permanent world peace. In attendance, among dignitaries including UN Secretary-General, WHO Secretary-General, and philanthropist Melinda Gates were more than 50 Heads of State, and 12,000 participants from more than 150 countries.

Dr. Wang-Shick Ryu, the CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea, delivered a live pitch on the 2nd day of the forum, titled 'Pasteurian Spirit to Fight COVID-19,' describing the collaboration between Korea, Senegal, and France within the trusted framework of the Institut Pasteur International Network aiming to test clinical efficacy of the drug nafamostat in treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Ryu described an accelerated drug discovery program, a drug repositioning research using the powerful screening technology platform of Institut Pasteur Korea, which he argued comprises the best strategy to rapidly respond to pandemics such as COVID-19. Dr. Ryu also showed the importance of the Institut Pasteur International Network in facilitating cross-border collaboration involving Korean pharmaceutical companies (Chong Kun Dang Pharm., Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.), and Korean hospital (Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences) in international clinical research trials with Institut Pasteur Dakar in Senegal, Africa.

Dr. Ryu said, “In addition to the continued support of the Korean government for the development of COVID-19 treatment and the international network of the Institut Pasteur, the active cooperation of French and Senegalese authorities enabled us to accelerate overseas clinical trials for the COVID-19 treatment.” “We will continue to expand our international scientific framework to strengthen the preparedness for the pandemic of emerging infectious diseases,” he added.

Presenting the COVID-19 drug repositioning research collaboration in context of international clinical research collaborations, Institut Pasteur Korea has displayed to the world the strength and capability of K-Bio.

Institut Pasteur Korea has discovered potent COVID-19 drug candidates through drug repositioning research funded by the 2020 additional budget of the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT. The institute is taking the lead in clinically developing the drug candidates by expanding global scientific networks based on the Institut Pasteur International Network and domestic research partnerships. In particular, international clinical trials for nafamostat in Senegal and Russia, and camostat in Mexico are currently underway.