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Institut Pasteur Korea Sign MOU with GC Labs for Mutual Collaboration for Infectious Disease Research

Institut Pasteur Korea Sign MOU with GC Labs for Mutual Collaboration for Infectious Disease Research
-To strengthen cooperation to advance infectious disease research by promoting various strategies,
including joint research projects -
Apr. 15, 2021, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of Korea ㅣ Institut Pasteur Korea(IPK) and Green Cross Laboratories(GC Labs) signed a memorandum of understanding for mutual cooperation in the field of infectious disease research. 
The MOU signing ceremony held on Apr. 14 at IPK was attended by CEO Dr. Youngmee Jee and Head of Biobank Dr. Young Joo Cha, from IPK, CEO Dr. Eun-Hee Lee, Deputy Director of Laboratory Medicine Dr. Mina Lee, and Head of QA Dr. Kyutaeg Lee, from GC Labs and so forth.

Dr. Eun-Hee Lee, the GC Labs CEO (left), and Dr. Youngmee Jee, the IPK CEO exchanged an MOU on Apr. 14
After broadly exchanging strategies for synergetic collaborations between the two organizations on infectious disease research, the GC Labs participants looked around the advanced R&D infrastructure and facility of IPK, including the innovative image-based high-throughput screening platform.
The agreement will trigger various cooperation that combines the outstanding specialists in laboratory medicine of the GC Labs with IPK’s leading research capabilities and drug development technologies to advance infectious diseases research. The two organizations agreed to join forces to discover and conduct a joint research project, exchange academic information, develop biological materials at international standards, and activate networking among experts.
Dr. Youngmee Jee, the IPK CEO, said, "This agreement provides a solid foundation for research cooperation with the GC Labs, a world-leading reference laboratory specialized in clinical testing," and added, “Throughout the collaboration, we will diversify our infectious disease models and expand the screening technology.”
Dr. Eun-Hee Lee, the GC Labs CEO, said, “In cooperation with the excellent researchers of IPK, we will reinforce the research capabilities of GC Labs’ medical staff to prepare for emerging and existing infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B, and develop and apply new biomarkers to contribute to public health.”