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Institut Pasteur Korea organizes and hosts Pasteur Network teaching course: The Business of Managing Science for life science research professionals

Institut Pasteur Korea organizes and hosts Pasteur Network teaching course: 
The Business of Managing Science for life science research professionals

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) launches The Business of Managing Science course in collaboration with the Pasteur Network 27 June through 01 July. 

The course aims to train pre- and early-entrepreneur life science researchers and administrators involved in technology transfer by providing insights and strategies to help them address and overcome the associated challenges. 

Over sixty student participants comprising: founders, scientists, engineers, researchers, and administrators; from ten countries, including South Korea, France, the United States, Vietnam, Cameroon, Austria, and Tunisia, benefit from the course content online and offline.

Daily training themes including but not limited to Innovation and intellectual property, Industrial partnerships & Operating in a global space, Entrepreneurship ecosystem & start-up culture, and Strategic business models for life science management, provide the essential business and management knowledge, information, and know-how required. With lectures, panel discussions, and mentoring in each theme the course participants benefit from expertise on how to rationalize their business development strategies. 

In addition to the core teaching content, flagship faculty guest lectures are live-streamed for the pre-registered online participants. These include top-notch life science research entrepreneurs and business management experts: Prof. Sunghoon Kim of Yonsei University (CEO of BioCon); Dr. Sang Hoon Lee, the President & CEO of ABL Bio; Dr. Isabelle Buckle, Executive Vice-President of Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships of Institut Pasteur; Dr. Mitra Aminlou, Head Technology Development office of Institut Pasteur Iran; and Dr. Graham Wright, Director of RSC-ASTAR, Singapore provide lectures and training provide lectures and training. 

Additionally, the representatives of the French Healthcare Club in Korea, including Servier Korea, Sanofi Korea, BioMerieux Korea, and Ipsen Korea, as well as young emerging start-up leaders from the Bio Core Facility at IPK participate in discussions. 

Local organizers IPK CEO Dr. Youngmee Jee, IPK CSO Dr. Spencer Shorte, and the Screening Discovery Platform Head Mr. David Shum MBA also animate as mentors throughout the entire program.

Dr. Jee, the IPK CEO, said, "The course is another example of our manifold efforts to improve IPK’s capacity to translate basic science into public health. With the significance of cross-border cooperation emphasized with the recent pandemic, it is meaningful to collaborate with the Pasteur Network in providing a global platform for sharing expertise that promotes science commercialization." "We expect to provide a stepping stone for early-stage founders to gain insight for business development and to pioneer innovative opportunities," she added.

The course is sponsored by the Pasteur Network and Institut Pasteur. Pasteur Network is a worldwide network of 33 members, centering on the Institute Pasteur established by Dr. Louis Pasteur, united by the shared mission to contribute to improving global health.