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Animal research is essential for medical progress and it had played a vital part in nearly every medical breakthrough in the 20th century. The Animal Research Lab (ANL) is responsible for designing animal experiment models for various diseases and conducting in vivo experiments to investigate the efficacy of infectious disease vaccines and therapeutic candidates. ANL also conducts preclinical research on animal experiments to evaluate the practical use of the results obtained through basic and translational research at IPK. In particular, ANL establishes new drug candidate evaluation platforms and manages the welfare and housing of research animals.

Our capabilities/assets include:
• Establishing infectious disease animal models
• Generating animal models for human diseases utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, enabling research collaboration in the field of biomedical research
• Performing in vivo efficacy/toxicity studies
• Developing technologies for the quality control of the laboratory animals and generating genetically engineered mice (GEM)
• In total, over 550 m2 (5,920 ft2) of dedicated animal space
- Specific pathogen free (SPF) zone
- Animal biosafety level-2, 3 laboratories
• Trained veterinary staff provide expertise in animal husbandry, transgenic mouse breeding colony maintenance and assistance with routine technical procedures
• Adhering to AAALAC International (the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International) standards in order to demonstrate commitment to humane and responsible animal research and dedication to good science



Siyeon Yang, DVM, Ph.D.

  • Public Quarantine Veterinarian, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (2016-2019)
  • Doctorate: Seoul National University, Korea (2022)
  • Post-Doctorate: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (2022)
  • Head, Animal Research Lab, Institut Pasteur Korea (2022-present)
  • Hwayoung Kim

    Hwayoung Kim, MS

  • Minkyoung Park

    Minkyoung Park, MS


  • Yuri Jung

    Yuri Jung, MS


  • Hyemin Kim

    Hyemin Kim

  • Keunwon Park

    Keunwon Park