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The Host-Parasite Research Lab focuses on discovery of novel interventions against the infections caused by protozoan parasites (malaria and leishmaniasis), and also elucidation of the interactions between the host and parasites. Our key research areas are: 1) discovery of novel inhibitors and their targets against Plasmodium and Leishmania parasites utilizing cutting-edge high content and high throughput screening platform and 2) understanding the fundamental biology of protozoan infection with a special emphasis on the host (macrophage). At the interface of these two approaches, we ultimately aim to understand the underlying mechanism of parasite pathogenesis as well as to deliver novel therapeutic interventions.

Based on our expertise in high throughput screening, molecular parasitology, next-generation sequencing, molecular modelling, biochemistry and biophysics, we approach the target system down from atomic or molecular level to the parasite, organelle and infected animal level. Utilizing the tools we collaborate with other biologists investigating Toxoplasma, Clonorchis and other pathogens.

Our present activity focuses on:
• Identification of inhibitors of protozoan parasites utilizing HCS/HTS and optimization of activity
• Mode of anti-parasitic action studies on generated inhibitors
• Development of diagnostics for leishamaniasis
• Macrophage - Leishmania interactions using NGS
• Modulation of macrophage function with small molecules



Joo Hwan No, Ph.D.

  • Doctorate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (2011)
  • Post-Doctorate: Institut Pasteur Korea (2011-2013)
  • Head, Leishmania Research Laboratory, Institut Pasteur Korea (2013-2021)
  • Head, Host-Parasite Research Laboratory, Institut Pasteur Korea (2021~present)
  • Donghun Lee

    Donghun Lee, PhD


  • Hyeryon Lee

    Hyeryon Lee, PhD


  • Kyunghwa Baek

    Kyunghwa Baek, PhD


  • Minjeong Kim

    Minjeong Kim, PhD

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