Press Release

Institut Pasteur Korea and Catholic University of Korea join forces to educate and develop new therapeutics to fight global disease


Institut Pasteur Korea and Catholic University of Korea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to create new co-educational programs for their students and to develop new therapeutics for fight human diseases.


The main objectives of this collaboration are focused on education, exchange of expertise and researchers, discovering novel natural compounds for drug testing in vitro and in vivo, and development of technologies to improve global public health.


To perform the objectives, both institutes plan to enhance and promote information sharing by holding scientific conferences, joint educational courses, and scientist exchange programs.


“The collaboration with Catholic University of Korea is very unique to us as it provides our institute with a great opportunity to search natural products for potential drugs; more so, we are very looking forward to joint educational programs benefiting students with a global research experience and teaching from international scholars at our institute”, said Dr. Hakim Djaballah, CEO of Institut Pasteur Korea.


“We expect to achieve synergistic effects through the combination of research outcomes of infectious diseases from Insitut Pasteur Korea, Bio-technology education and research know-how from Catholic University of Korea”, said Dr. Yeongsik Pahk, President of Catholic University of Korea.