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Institut Pasteur Korea Operates Booth at ‘Gyeonggi Science Festival & AnYang Cyber Sciecne Festival 2016‘

Pangyo, Gyeonggi, 9 Jun, 2016 | 11 ~ 12 Jun, Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) will operate a life science experience booth at ‘Gyeonggi Science Festival & AnYang Cyber Science Festival 2016‘ held at the AnYang Gymnasium, Gyeonggi-do. The annual event serves as a venue for families with young children to engage with science and technology through fun, interactive experiences. IPK has been a fan favorite fixture at the ‘Gyeonggi Science Festival‘ since 2009.
The theme for IPK’s 2016 booth is “How Medicines are Made.” IPK scientists will be on hand to explain the drug discovery process with easy to understand diagrams and comical drawings. Guests will also have a chance to play scientist. They will learn basic facts about cells using their own cheek cells and assemble drug structures with chemical models. “On the surface, science can seem mysterious and complicated, but through experimentation, participation and fun we can give children the tools to understand the world around them,” said Roberto Bruzzone, IPK CEO. “We help foster curiosity both in and out of the classroom and engage the next generation of citizens and scientists.” The IPK booth is located in the Science Investigation Experience Center, lot 23 & 24.
Education, teaching and community outreach are an important part of Louis Pasteur’s legacy. Since 2009, IPK has been an active participant in the ‘Gyeonggi Mentor Project and piloted a number of educational programs for children and continuing education programs for young scientists. Approx. 13,000 students have benefited from IPK’s educational programs that nurture the development of future global health scientists and leaders and expands scientific culture in Korea.
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About Institut Pasteur Korea
Institut Pasteur Korea, located in Pangyo, was founded in 2004. It is a private institution devoted to discovery biology for infectious diseases. IPK’s unique translational capabilities and small molecule intervention technology make it possible to rapidly address unmet global health needs through diagnostics for detection and prevention. IPK strives to have fostering collaborations, partnerships, and educational outreach to share its knowledge and research know-how. Institut Pasteur Korea is a member of the Institut Pasteur International Network which brings together 33 institutes located in 29 countries, united by the same mission, culture, and values. Leveraging vast human and scientific community, the Network is involved in international research projects, public health, teaching and training programs. By its diversity and global presence, the Institut Pasteur International Network aims to respond, in an innovative way, to international public health issues and priorities.